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Contents of Electronics section


My Audio Sweep Generator Article  from

"Electronics World and Wireless World"


My "Circuit Ideas" from

"Electronics World and Wireless World"


A NiCad battery charger

Which I designed for the Ecuadorean armed forces


A few notes about 555 timers

3-phase sine-wave generator


volts or Volts?  V or v?

Amplifier power

Amplifier clipping

"RMS" watts

Polarity and Phase

Amplifer power vs supply voltage

Earth? Ground?

Earth Leakage Protection

Low power r.f. measurement

H.F. Directional Power Meter

 Time mark generator/Calibration voltage source

Using l.e.d.s

Transistor astable multivibrator

Resistor colour codes

Rectifier relationships

A few words about decibel notation

The Care and Feeding of NiCads

Vehicle immobiliser

Telephone off-hook indicator

Motor-cycle dual intensity tail light

Conversion Tables

Temperature conversion

The Superposition and Thévenin's theorems


"A bit about capacitors"

Why do we put a diode across a relay's coil?

"Colpitts Audio Oscillator "







Interested in amateur radio?

Click on the logo to go to QRZ






If you would like a Smith Chart screensaver you can download a static one here.

If you prefer one which moves slowly around the screen download this one. 

Both of them are negative images, are much more detailed than the skeleton one above, and have black backgrounds.  The chart itself is red.

Neither of them are self- installing.  You will need to put them in either the c/windows or the c/windows/system32 folder.

You can also run them from the desktop.



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