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Pop Pop Boat



Based on the same principle as the pop pop boat this one has a simplified boiler - a simple coil in the copper pipe - so it doesn't produce the "pop pop" sound.

The background noise is from the bathroom's extractor fan.

Drawings for this hull can be found here, (I scaled them down.)

An explanation of the operation can be found here.

Video (2Mb)




Stirling Engine


 I made this from drawings available from this site.  It's a bit slow bit it works.

The ticking in the background is from a grandfather clock.

 Video (2.8Mb)



Roby Lakatos the virtuoso Hungarian violinist.

Video (10Mb)




Improvised Christmas decorations at my last place of employment. 

A disc of aluminium foil with radial cuts, the resulting sections being angled like fan blades, is suspended on a pin-point bearing over a bench lamp.  The rising heat drives the disc.  Suspended from it are some Christmas milk bottle tops.

Video (1.7Mb)



Punjabi Jingle Bells

Video (3.89Mb)



Animated links

Video (662kb)

I came across this on the internet and decided I would make a set.  I made three different sizes.



Miau Miau Song (Duetto buffo di due gatti - G.A. Rossini)

Video (17Mb)



Chinese song

Video (54.4Mb)